The springer handbook of vocational education and training


prof mulder's presentation

Presentation by Editor Prof Mulder on Parts IV, V and VI of the Springer Handbook on VET

vet teacher/ trainer education

Presentation by Dr Volker Wedekind on Teacher Trainer Education in the Springer Handbook on VET

Learning for Sustainable Livelihoods, TESF_McGrath et al., 2020

Introducing TESF_Herring, Lotz-Sisitka et al., 2020 (Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures)

Full report: Fort Cox Agricultural and Forestry Training Institute – Curriculum review (January, 2020)

If you would like to provide further inputs on successful approaches to curriculum review or other academic aspects not covered in this report please contact the relevant individual named in the report or Jo-Anna ( who will redirect your email.