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VET Africa 4.0 Writing Retreat, Kenton-on-Sea, February 2-4

VET Africa 4.0 Writing Retreat, Kenton-on-Sea, February 2-4  After incredible visits to Fort Cox, Fort Hare and Rhodes (other news articles to follow) with the wider VET Africa Collective, a smaller group of us spent time in the idyllic surroundings of Kenton-on-Sea, to plan future conference papers, journal articles and a project book. View to the ocean from writing retreat venue, Kenton-on-Sea As a team, we are committed to ensuring that we generate high quality outputs; that our texts are accessible as possible in cost terms; and that all members of the team have the opportunity to present at conferences and co-author journal articles. As a result of our planning, we have six conference abstracts already submitted for events this year, and several further planned. Team members are planning to be at the conferences of the Development Studies Association in Birmingham in June https://www.devstud.org.uk/conferences/2020/; the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa in Makhanda in July (hosted by the VET Africa 4.0 team at Rhodes)  https://eeasa.org.za/eeasa-2020/; the European Conference on Education Research in Glasgow in August https://eera-ecer.de/ecer-2020-glasgow/; and the British Association for International and Comparative Education in Edinburgh in September https://baice.ac.uk/baice-conference-2020/.  We expect to publish at least 6 papers from [...]

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Registration is open! EEASA2020 UNESCO ESD2030 Africa Launch

The Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa in collaboration with UNESCO Regional Office of Southern Africa is happy to announce that Registration is now open!           We invite you to submit your abstract under the following sub-themes: Transformations informal education settings and systems: Higher Education, Secondary and Primary Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and Early Childhood Education Transformations at the intersection and interface of formal and informal education Influences of Science, Technology and Culture on Education Transformations towards Sustainability Social justice, de-coloniality and Education Transformations towards Sustainability Just transitioning, green skills and new learning landscapes and learning pathways Including the excluded: Social learning towards sustainability: communities, local government and multiple stakeholders Transgressive, transformative learning and other pedagogical innovations New meaning(s) for educational quality and relevance Generative and co-engaged research methodologies for transformative change Kindly note that there is a maximum capacity for 300 delegates. Placement is secured on payment of registration invoice. We look forward to welcoming you to Rhodes University, Makhanda! https://eeasa.org.za/eeasa-2020/

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Gulu Round table and website training

  The Gulu case round table meeting The round table meeting was held at Bomah Hotel on the 28/11/2019. This was the first round table organised by the VET Africa 4.0 project Gulu case of Gulu University, seeking to explore current and future sustainable possibilities regarding VET that can reduce inequality and enhance sustainability in Africa. The meeting was graced by 12 stakeholders from various institutions. The achieved objective of the round table was to map out key stakeholders, their network, interconnections and their influence so as to facilitate the data collection as the project is entering the first round activities of data collection. The event was opened by Professor George Openjuru Ladaah the Co-Principal investigator in the project and the Vice Chancellor of Gulu University. In his opening remarks he stressed the VET challenges as being a gap between what is happening and what is being funded, and employment not being aligned to skills.He stressed the importance of building a strong and unified VET for the future of the region and the country. After a brief introduction to the research objectives and the goals of the day by David Ocan, one of the facilitators and researchers in the Gulu [...]

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VET Africa 4.0 team participate in the first South African National Doctoral Research workshop on VET

From November 20-22, Simon and Presha were at the University of the Western Cape to support more than 25 postgraduate researchers as they talked about their studies. The numbers at the event represent a step change in support to VET research in South Africa. This is more than the total number of doctoral graduates in the field in the last decade. As well as providing feedback on individual student's research with Presha and the others, Simon presented a half-day session on writing for VET journals. Presha and Simon are pictured here with REAL students

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VET Africa 4.0 – Article announcement

The VET Africa 4.0 team is pleased to present its first project-based publication.  The article is entitled “Vocational Education and Training for African Development: Reviewing the Past; Imagining the Future”, and is published in the Journal of Vocational Education.  The paper provides a presentation of literature that contributes to the theorization of a new vision for a transformed and transformative VET.  One which accounts for political-economic contexts (geographic and historical), inequalities and exclusions in labor markets and VET systems, communities, and the dynamic role of individuals with the capability to dream, think and do. The article is available here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/13636820.2019.1679969

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PAR Workshop in Gulu,Uganda

The Gulu project team in Uganda organized a one week workshop with a focus on Participatory Action Research (PAR) from 14-18 October 2019 under UNESCO Chair Youth and Work. The workshop took place at Well Springs Hotel located in senior quarters a quiet suburb in Gulu District. The chair holder Prof. Jacques Zeelen from the University of Groningen was at the center of the workshop for the entire week and always leading by example in every activity. The participants in the workshop were very diverse, ranging from organizations, institutions and individuals who were looking to better their research skills particularly in the field of PAR. VET Africa 4.0 team from Hoima were also part of the training and our very own Dr. Joanna Russon came all the way from UK. One of the group's having a discussion The success of the workshop was largely attributed to the amazing facilitators whose experience in varying fields added something special to the workshop. Upon interactions after the workshop, most participants testified to having gotten more than what they expected from the intense one week workshop. Most also do look forward to putting what they learnt into practice at their different levels. [...]

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South Africa Trip

SOUTH AFRICA TRIP The trip shall bring together the team from Uganda, UK and South Africa to exchange broadly on the various case studies under the  VET AFRICA 4.0 project and other exchange activities in Alice and Grahamstown. The trip has been programmed as follows: 25/26 January 2020 arrival in Johannesburg, internal flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth Airport. 26 January: Transportation from port Elizabeth Airport to Hogsback c/o Rhodes University. Accommodation: The Edge, Hogsback. 27/28  January:  Visit Alice and a programme of sharing and knowledge and knowledge exchange. 28th January-1st February: Grahamstown. Accommodation:  Graham Hotel. The Programme includes learning events at the Environmental Learning and research centre at the Rhodes University, and VET Africa 4.0 project meetings on methodology, data collection and design decisions. 1st February: Transportation back to port Elizabeth Airport c/o Rhodes University. All cost like flights accommodation meals and transportation shall be covered by the University of Nottingham Published by Nyeko Kenneth Project Coordinator  

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UKFIET conference blog goes live

Our blog for the UKFIET conference goes live! Members of the VET Africa 4.0 project team recently wrote a blog about our presentation at the 2019 UKFIET Conference.  Our presentation is entitled: “The Limits of VET Inclusion in Africa: Critical Reflections from South Africa and Uganda”  You can see the blog post here: https://www.ukfiet.org/2019/the-limits-of-vet-inclusion-in-africa-the-vet-africa-4-0-project/, and a copy of the presentation slides are available in the Resources section: https://www.vetafrica4-0.com/resources/presentations/.

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Prof Steph Allais delivers the keynote speech to open the JVET Conference

On 31st June 2019, Professor Steph Allais delivered the keynote speech at the Journal of Vocational Education Conference (JVET) in Oxford UK. Her presentation was entitled ‘TVET in African countries: Why is systemic reform so hard?’ Steph is one of the lead researchers in the South African VET Africa 4.0 project team. It was great to see African research on vocational education featured so prominently at this year’s JVET conference.

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