Curriculum review – Fort Cox Agricultural and Forestry Training Institute

In January the VET Africa 4.0 team participated in the consultative curriculum review symposium at Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institute (FCAFTI).  FCAFT is a vocational training institute which majors in four agricultural specialty areas namely Crop Production, Animal Production, Agribusiness, and Forestry offered mostly at diploma level (NQF level 6). In keeping with its curricula related policies, FCAFTI is required to conduct extensive consultations with industry stakeholders whenever curricula are developed, reviewed or updated. As such, FCAFTI is obliged to update its curricula on a yearly basis and review them every five years. The updating and review processes serve to ensure that the curricula remain relevant and responsive to the ever changing trends in the agricultural industry.  The purpose of the consultative symposium was to review curricula of the existing diploma programmes for Crop Production and Agribusiness, while at the same time help in developing a curriculum for a proposed advanced diploma programme. While consultation would have been conducted only with local stakeholders from the industry, organisers of the event sought to take advantage of a scheduled VET4.0 visit to South Africa which had potential to introduce some international perspective to the curriculum development and review process. As such the two events were synchronised and happened on the 27th of January 2020.  You can access a detailed review of the symposium here.

Curriculum Review – FCAFTI