VET Africa 4.0 Writing Retreat, Kenton-on-Sea, February 2-4

 After incredible visits to Fort Cox, Fort Hare and Rhodes (other news articles to follow) with the wider VET Africa Collective, a smaller group of us spent time in the idyllic surroundings of Kenton-on-Sea, to plan future conference papers, journal articles and a project book.

View to the ocean from writing retreat venue, Kenton-on-Sea

As a team, we are committed to ensuring that we generate high quality outputs; that our texts are accessible as possible in cost terms; and that all members of the team have the opportunity to present at conferences and co-author journal articles.

As a result of our planning, we have six conference abstracts already submitted for events this year, and several further planned. Team members are planning to be at the conferences of the Development Studies Association in Birmingham in June; the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa in Makhanda in July (hosted by the VET Africa 4.0 team at Rhodes); the European Conference on Education Research in Glasgow in August; and the British Association for International and Comparative Education in Edinburgh in September  We expect to publish at least 6 papers from these conferences.

We have also sketched out the content for a book, to be written collectively, and are about to submit this to a publisher. We are very excited about this and will share more about this when we can.

Simon McGrath

Planning the VET Africa 4.0 book