The Gulu project team in Uganda organized a one week workshop with a focus on Participatory Action Research (PAR) from 14-18 October 2019 under UNESCO Chair Youth and Work. The workshop took place at Well Springs Hotel located in senior quarters a quiet suburb in Gulu District. The chair holder Prof. Jacques Zeelen from the University of Groningen was at the center of the workshop for the entire week and always leading by example in every activity.

The participants in the workshop were very diverse, ranging from organizations, institutions and individuals who were looking to better their research skills particularly in the field of PAR. VET Africa 4.0 team from Hoima were also part of the training and our very own Dr. Joanna Russon came all the way from UK.

One of the group’s having a discussion

The success of the workshop was largely attributed to the amazing facilitators whose experience in varying fields added something special to the workshop. Upon interactions after the workshop, most participants testified to having gotten more than what they expected from the intense one week workshop. Most also do look forward to putting what they learnt into practice at their different levels.

All that the organizers had to say was ‘the job was done well and we look forward to other great experiences’.

Written By

Adrupio Scovia